The Virus and the Gods Of Ignorance

The 2020 covid pandemic has kicked the world into realizing what actually matters.

The virus and the gods of ignorance.

Anyone who has been part of the religion Vs science debate would be very much aware of how religions harm scientific progress every day. However what most of us may have missed in the grant pursuit for balance is that there is a greater enemy to science than religion. This enemy is not just more vicious than religion but has been for ages the reason the school of faith seem to so efficiently hold back the school of thought. No collective may have caused more calculated damage to science than politicians.

The Wuhan Tragedy

The novel corona virus that emerged out of the Hubei province in inland China has claimed over 29,000 lived as of when this article is being written. Beyond the looming terror of more deaths and world wide economic lock down, the only thing that should be more frightening to us as an intelligent specie is the realization that the political systems and politicians we trusted to to take care of us may have themselves put us in this death match.

When the doctors in city of Wuhan began suspecting a new strain of the SARS virus from the increasing number of patients being admitted with a condition that was not treatable, the response from the Chinese government was not something we would have hoped for. Instead of backing the medical community in Wuhan with resources and cooperation the politicians ordered the enforcement departments to clamp down and silence the whistle-blowers.

The lengths the political task force went  to cover up the reality has been astounding. Their action involved destruction of samples, arrest and detainment of medical professionals, silencing of scientists and researchers and blanket orders to the scientific community demanding that they do not “discuss” the new virus situation.

For any reasonable person who understand the course of scientific study, it is sufficiently clear that the most important aspect that guides research is the prompt discourse and sharing of information. By preventing the research community from doing this the politicians effectively crippled the only defense we have against such forces of nature.

One can only fathom the pain of this when we account for what a proper scientific response to the situation may have saved us from. The world as a whole may have had a head start in attacking this novel corona virus if the researchers in China were permitted to talk about this emerging threat. Instead the absolute lack of intellectual capacity of politicians and their addiction to secrecy, manipulation, power play, and the never ending streak of turning anything they can into something to serve themselves has left the world in a very dark place.

The enemy of minds.

It is not just easy to point fingers at others but that is exactly what the political class of this world has been banking on for centuries to make sure they maintain their effortless control over the masses and the resources.

At this juncture we need to realize that the crusades were never fought by the believers nor the priesthood, but by a political class that managed to perfectly use the faith as a tool of manipulation for mere political gains.

It helps to understand the context of how religion has always been the trusted servant of the rulers and science have always made it possible for the power to be shifted to the public. Rulers of the biblical age used religion to attain ordinance as kings and then scrambled from one winning horse onto another to maintain the their dominance over the masses.

Its everywhere

Politicians try their level best to help religion maintain its dominance as a population that operates on faith is much easier to manipulate and control than a population that functions on thought and reason. Belief systems that teach people of unconditional authority and blind obedience could not have been better designed for the use of the political elite.

Notably the president of The United States, Mr. Donald Trump has been a notorious advocate of anti-science sentiments. His lead actions of cutting critical funding for scientific research, closure of research groups, removal of critical science records has only been topped by blanket denial of scientific projections of global warming and the disbanding of the pandemic task force.

The Narendra Modi government in India has been no better when it comes to being a threat to the scientific advancement and scientific temper of the Indian public. From dishonoring one of the most prestigious science platforms in the world by allowing ministers and religious mongers to preach pseudo-science and baseless stupidity at the Indian Science congress, striking down funding for research, promoting unscientific medication including cow dung and cow urine and regulating research has only been few of their achievements in this regard.

It is scary when one realize that these two governments are just two of the most successful ones in a huge list of political bodies today leading a crusade against the most important mechanism we all depend on to make our lives better. Science.

Whether it is to please corporate power houses and keep them safe from stricter regulations, or to create space for malicious god-men, or to drive their divisive agenda, these agencies have been actively trying to demoralize the scientific community and destroy the firm base we built for our scientific endeavors. The greatest of which is done by making a mockery of serious scientific works to damage its acceptance among the masses.

Elect in the thinkers

Today as we stand looking at this active disaster that is the COVID-19 crisis we need to gather up and swear to protect the system that has been the sole cause of improved health, improved life expectancy and even us going to the moon from these malevolent and selfish characters; our politicians.

More than ever before in the history of man, we need to strive to make it so that the men and women we choose to lead us are capable of reason, scientific curiosity, scientific humanity and are open to transparency instead of allowing them to lie and misinform the public until it serves their purpose.

Long live the thinkers.

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