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9. This means that even if a country manages to vaccinate 95% of the population. The remaining 5% pose a grave threat to all the efforts.

10. A grave threat to not just the country but the entire world. Further there exist a threat of a even vicious virus forming.

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7. It WILL again take months of research work, testing and approvals for the new vaccines for the new mutation to emerge.

8. By then we would all have to sit through more restrictions, lockdowns and economic fall. However, above all .. more lives lost.

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5. Even worse. Which of these variations can escape the existing vaccines.

6. If such a variant arises it will very efficiently infect even the vaccinated people starting the entire chain again.

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3. The more variations it gets the more variants such as the , , etc can be produced.

4. There is no saying which of this can spread faster or kill faster.

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1. You know by now that the virus here is fast mutating one. Over the last year the virus have created new variants.

2. The more people it gets the more variations it produce as it gets more chance to change.

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I am going to try and explain why it is critical that a nation as large as needs to absolutely make it their mission to ALL, as soon as possible.

And why trusting the open market to do that will be disastrous.

To get the ones in power to understand how serious the situation is we should just rename the to the , the strain found here.
Those who love self image only respond to it being broken.

Maybe it could also mean the virus of inaction that affects a government.

BREAKING : Delhi High Court warns of contempt action against Centre if the allocated 490 MT of oxygen is not supplied to Delhi today.


Court: If not implemented we will have the head of DPIIT shall remain present, in case of non compliance we may consider initiating contempt proceedings.


Once they played this speech at my school. Made by a man standing before this same nation.

""Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially."
~ Nehru @ Midnight Speech of Independence.

Today its a time when we crave to listen to something on this line as we realise our pledge has been sold off by the caretaker.

'Eight People Have Died; Can't Shut Our Eyes' : Delhi High Court Directs Centre To Ensure Delhi Gets 490 MT Oxygen Today By 'Whatever Means'

Back after few months. Fixed my server after a mess up during setup last year which caused me to almost loose the server data.

Facebook is asking Congress to pass a law that cements its market dominance. Lawmakers must reject the proposal out of hand.

"Free software advocates seek removal of Richard Stallman and entire FSF board

Open letter signed by hundreds: RMS "has no place" in free software community."

Be happy when you fail and fall in your and . Its better to realize how not to tie the harness by falling from 5fts than from 100fts. The difference may actually save lives.

The COVID19 pandemic offset years of hard work and effort by the almighty anti-vax community. The amount of gitches in their reality would now look like an acid trip. 😂

Every fight for is a fight to make sure love itself survives into the future. There can stand no violation of this principle. :)

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