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Pretty nice article on communicating why what you said is a conversation that needs to be had.

There are two kinds of poets.
Those who write the truth, and those who do not write poems.


The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff. He builds his castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination...Yet the program construct, unlike the poet's words, is real in the sense that it moves and works, producing visible outputs separately from the construct itself... The magic of myth and legend has come true in our time.

Frederick Brooks
The Mythical Man-Month


Well, not really. My grandfather used to use emoticons in physical hand written mail to me when I was a child in the '60's.

All hail the guy who created emoticons.
All hail Scott Fahlman.

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This NGO is taking internet and classrooms to Dalit and Adivasi colonies in Kerala. Lovely work Bhim Online Classroom project, @ajaydalit. Story by @shiba_kurian

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Wrote about how in an unintended consequence of the lockdown, India’s social media elite has taken to TikTok to combat boredom & anxiety. Until recently, they frowned upon TikTok’s content and labelled it “cringe-worthy”. Now they can't get enough of it.


The greatest weapon against the darkness in the world is not force but Acts of Random kindness. It can heal the you and the world like nothing else can.

All Indians are my brothers and sisters.
We have a new generation that actually believes it. The greybeards are unable to take it and are setting all hell loose fighting a battle they will never win. You can't fight time.

We knew a huge distraction was coming to cover up the govts failure in doing its job. Here it is

Extreme insanity is often indistinguishable from quality effort to people as insane as the executioner.

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Exciting global connections: "Black, Dalit, and Sheedi Soldarities" happening now @EqualityLabs. @dalitdiva introduces the history of US empire + Black internationalism via @KeishaBlain. Conversation between @CornelWest, @BhimArmyChief, & #TanzeelaQambrani

Hey Mastodon, might want to give @ideasmithy a follow.

Interesting. Keep it up.

Want an example for Stockholm syndrome?

Take a look at how the Indian public behaves with the government. Can't beat that.

few days in and no longer have the urge to open the App (used frost instead of app) when bored or distracted. The world is still screwed but dont have to read stupid explanations for it at least.

The Indian government is obsessed with relentless control because the population itself is obsessed with intrusive control of others lives. Fuck you

is a bunch of absurdity. The banks are too scared of everything and only want customers who can prove themselves to be above the average population's capacity. In return, the banks suffer and the cycle goes on.

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