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We knew a huge distraction was coming to cover up the govts failure in doing its job. Here it is

Extreme insanity is often indistinguishable from quality effort to people as insane as the executioner.

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Exciting global connections: "Black, Dalit, and Sheedi Soldarities" happening now @EqualityLabs. @dalitdiva introduces the history of US empire + Black internationalism via @KeishaBlain. Conversation between @CornelWest, @BhimArmyChief, & #TanzeelaQambrani

Hey Mastodon, might want to give @ideasmithy a follow.

Interesting. Keep it up.

Want an example for Stockholm syndrome?

Take a look at how the Indian public behaves with the government. Can't beat that.

few days in and no longer have the urge to open the App (used frost instead of app) when bored or distracted. The world is still screwed but dont have to read stupid explanations for it at least.

The Indian government is obsessed with relentless control because the population itself is obsessed with intrusive control of others lives. Fuck you

is a bunch of absurdity. The banks are too scared of everything and only want customers who can prove themselves to be above the average population's capacity. In return, the banks suffer and the cycle goes on.

Surveillance capitalism is the same as climate change, but for data:

- Some people have been warning about its consequences for years
- Most people don't care because they don't feel concerned, they can't see it affecting them
- A few companies are making a lot of damage with the help of governments
- When we will face the consequences it will be too late
- We can still do something about it, and the sooner the better

@SuricrasiaOnline In a world where destroying the planet is the norm, caring for the planet is the most radical thing you can do.

Been off of for about 40 hours and feels much better already. I encourage anyone looking for breathing space to move onto or any other federated services.

This is to every soul that is shaking with the last bit of light they are trying to hold on to. Resist the blinding fog.
The people we see around us, we hold them perfect and ourselves unworthy.

Love yourself from your heart.

Look at how scared we are of the future and we see how angry we are at what is around us. Its our denial that we are not scared and vulnerable that blinds us to it.

I think my sleeping situation is going to improve now. Gut feeling. I've always been a night person, but the insomnia was more like hypervigilance. Things weren't right.

Before, I could stay up for days on end, but also sleep easily the minute head hit pillow.

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For the last 3-4 months I had almost never slept more than 2-3 hours at a stretch. Like I needed to stay awake to make sure nothing went wrong further.

Yesterday I felt like things are going right and they are solid. SLEPT LIKE A LOG.

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We make the world too fearful that most who can go beyond and correct are afraid to do so. They either end up in the margins or as most people choose to run away from the system all together.

"This is how democracy dies in the 21st century: [...] no power grabs in the dead of night [...] Just the steady drip, drip, drip of the erosion of democratic norms, the corruption of institutions, and the cowardly compromises of decision makers..."

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In 2020, if you’d like to write in your mother-tongue (which is not Latin script based) on your computer using Windows 10, you need to buy an additional license.
Not a technical limitation, merely an arbitrary licensing decision.

Image courtesy @primejyothi

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