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"This is how democracy dies in the 21st century: [...] no power grabs in the dead of night [...] Just the steady drip, drip, drip of the erosion of democratic norms, the corruption of institutions, and the cowardly compromises of decision makers..."

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In 2020, if you’d like to write in your mother-tongue (which is not Latin script based) on your computer using Windows 10, you need to buy an additional license.
Not a technical limitation, merely an arbitrary licensing decision.

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I did. Been warning since 2014. Modi's sole job is to destroy India from within while shoveling money into the pockets of his sponsors.

Because an India with institutions left standing will resist the yndermining of Army and other crucial lifelines and stop them in their tracks.


I loathe this regime, but even I didn't see this coming.


Any entity that spreads misinformation should immediately be removed from any position of authority. The more swiftly we do that the more responsible the authority gets.

The world needs a good open source e-reader

India miserably fails to stand up for the men and women who stand up for the nation. We watch in silence as the activists and intellectuals are jailed and silenced. A nation as a whole can't be more opportunistic.

A society obsessed with not being intellectually offended has no scope for change. They will bite onto the delusions that give them comfort and die with the problems they create.

Societies that assume that majority of the population are idiots and need to be controlled will end up maintaining that status and those that call for participation knowing everyone can add to quality will maintain that.

Every social idea goes through states of grief before being dismissed into the past.

First oncoming change is denied
Then they bargain for balance
Then anger, when they fight new ideas
Then depression as the new ones take over
Then comes the acceptance

What if you couldn't get admitted to hospital or your health insurance would not be honored without a Twitter account, and you or a loved one died or delivered a baby on the street?


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Of course, there was that 'Indian guy on Youtube' when I looked up about this concept in Math I had trouble capturing. And yeah, he did it in 10 minutes, and that too in Hindi.

The dogmatic universe the previous generations had built over the years is crashing in front of them as a generation that grew up on information without borders question the core sanctity of the system itself.


We are not losing humanity. We are just getting more aware of the injustice deep-rooted within our old and outdated systems. We are finding humanity. Stronger than ever.

The people who think the modern world is worse than before are just victims of glorified past.

The system will also generate better observability of the web due to the number of peers that can execute indexing compared to a centralized system. We could even assess relevance with how the peer uses the page.

Instead of the server tracking the profile of the user could maintain the profile within his own system and then submit relevant data to a peer for results.


Google's best competitor would be a search engine that stores data in a federated system and still manage to serve them with the precision, insight, and quality google does.


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