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79. Trust is built by filtering information of failure within the network.

80. The more information about the failure is accepted by a sub-net, the lower the trust assigned to an authority.

81. The lower trust in authority, the lower probability of hierarchy, and greater the dependence on proof of work.

76. The more distributed the information, the more distributed interpretations.

77. The greater the distribution of interpretations, the greater the tests run on information.

78. The greater the tests run o the information, the more sub-nets rely on proof of work and hence a mesh structure.

73. The less distributed the information the greater the concentration of interpretations.

74. The more concentrated the interpretations, the lower the tests are done on such.

75. The lower the tests done on information, the more the network relies on trust and hence hierarchy.

70. Authority by proof of work enforce testing of interpretations for correctness.

71. Authority by proof of work exists as mesh within the network.

72. Authority by proof of work tends to form a distributed power structure.

67. Authority by trust relies on assumed correctness of the interpretation of sub-nets.

68. Authority by the trust can only be structured as chains in large networks.

69. Authority by trust in chain form within large networks form the structure of hierarchy.

64. Sub-nets interpret information by selecting and combining them from available information within the network.

65. The selection of information by sub-nets is based on the current rule sets.

66. A sub-nets current interpretation may not stand valid within a later state of the rule sets.

is the first form of injustice that is taught as normal and required.
To start unlearning it is to go down the rabbit hole of reason. There you will find every belief taught to you based on differences and your superiority collapse. Be it borders, races, caste, belief, gender, ability, or species.
To destroy patriarchy is to learn how to live along without dominating. It is to learn we are not always right.
is the root of progress.

The greatest enemy of compassion is fear. It turns even the most compassionate ones into dangerous beasts for self-preservation.

The greatest cause of fear is ignorance. To eliminate ignorance is to enhance the effectiveness of compassion.

There is nothing other than the joy of sharing knowledge for someone who wants to share it with all.

The profit has always been in restricting it effectively and selling it at a price. A crime against human intellect and progress.

To make temporary solutions again and against over a period of time is to ignore the need for permanent solutions.

To ignore the need for permanent solutions is to assume you will always have time to rely on temporary solutions.

Finding and implementing the right solution is a time taking process and often done in silence, unlike .

Unrelated bad things happen for you did bad things is the greatest lie and destructive thing that was taught to us. It destroyed the core drive to experiment and learn by repeatedly attempting something until you get better at it and, replaced it with fear of the unknown.

Bad things happen, irrespective of what you do.

61. Lesser the mutations over time, the more rigid the rule sets.

62. More rigid the rule sets, lesser corrections evolve.

63. Lesser corrections lead to favoritism for data within the network.

58. Subnets assign time to spend on problems based on their priority.

59. Lower time allocation to problems means a lower amount of data is collected and processed.

60. The lower amount of data collected result in lesser mutations being made to the current rule sets.

55. Dynamic networks are incapable of maintaining absolute authority.

56. The combined authority of the network can't be overridden by independent sub-nets.

57. The energy required to maintain sum network authority override increases exponentially with time.

52. Authority is assigned on trust or, on proof of work

53. Authority assigned on trust is not auditable, hence tend to resist changes.

54. Authority assigned on proof of work is auditable, hence open to correction.

49. Sub-nets interpret information, such interpretation if favorable is recognized as an authority by the network.

50. Authorities interpret information with their own rule sets and hence change the rule sets of the network to their own.

51. Authorities create rules to preserve their interpretation which also tends to be adopted by the network.

That's because of the yeast. When the curve rises once, you flatten it. If it rises again, you bake it for 40 minutes in an oven pre-heated at 210 deg.


“We have flattened the curve, but the curve is still rising." AIIMS Chief pulmonologist Dr Randeep Guleria

India is a country of 1.35 billion, why Modi regime can't find a single epidemiologist who has a basic knowledge of statistics.


Forced with a challenge a malfunctioning system attempts a downgrade of rules, inefficient system attempts to maintain rules, while an efficient one attempts an upgrade in rules.

The first will render itself obsolete.
The second will become the next malfunction.
The third will find opportunities.


Kids were the Alexas for older generations.

One time -
"Joye please get sugar from the store."
"Sure mom".

Another time-
" Joye don't play the drums so loud"
"Sorry I am having trouble understanding you right now. Please try after some time."


Beware, the leaders who call tragedies acts of god. To call it so means is to say things happen. To say things happen is to remove the need to hold responsibility.
To remove responsibility is to dodge correction.

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