You will soon hear that the ~ @nasa @nasa, rover has detected signs of life on . The media is going to go crazy.

variety supposedly. Is going to be heavily challenged. If it stands we may see some pretty exciting news soon.

Want to learn and use tech?
Go ahead it has an amazing future.

Want to make money in ?
Trade in short intervals,than keep it for long. (2-3months)

The crypto coins are temporary. Blockchain will stay.

From birdsite 

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Computing hardware is getting really freaking powerful! I think edge inference and ML will become more popular very quickly.

It's pretty exciting to think about what this means for industry ML development and some new cool problems we can work on: (1/5)

The comfort in words does not always mandate comfort in real life.

Seek the facts.

If there is something situation taught us is that "post truth" was just a generation delusion that facts did not matter anymore.

The thing is you cant manage crisis by ignoring the data.

You might be surprised to know how happy people are in their lives without the things you have, and think are the ones that make you happy.

Every single one of them.

Speak. Speak up.

Avoiding tough conversations always get us to the unspeakable.

In other words. Please hand this over to people who understand these stuff.

Science. Sense. Justice.

Will be writing a series to look at what we can learn from the results.

Ping me if you know something interesting or have questions we can prong.

There is a sense of betrayal, of anger, disappointment, contempt at the behaviour of the government and of Modi in particular in the face of what is an insane calamity.

It was impossible for any of us to talk about our feelings without mention of govt.

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TLd;r -

Vaccines don't work unless all are vaccinated fast enough. Letting the market decide its part without sufficient vaccines for the govt to use will cause variant of the virus to emerge and the pandemic to continue.

A Third wave is coming. It usually does. Remember.

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35. All this while the the states and the market play bet games for the availability of the vaccine.

36. All the while as the spread to more and more mutating. Creating a situation which will make all the loss till now pointless.

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33. This means that instead of running around and making sure the right people are vaccinated at the right rate at the right time we choose something else.

34. A blind faith that about half a billion people will be reasonable enough to coordinate this among themselves.

31. That however does not seem to be the situation here.

32. Very evident from how even after the fastest vaccination drive we have not managed to hit 2% population and do not have vaccine left even for planned drives.

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29. This can't work in a market driven model UNLESS... A Big UNLESS.

30. UNLESS there is more than enough vaccine for the govt to carry out a planned and fast model even while the market model runs.

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27. When it is left to the people to choose, buy and vaccinate at random it fails a scientific plan.

28. For example govt could identify a hotspot and vaccinate the surrounding fast enough to help contain it.

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