I am going to try and explain why it is critical that a nation as large as needs to absolutely make it their mission to ALL, as soon as possible.

And why trusting the open market to do that will be disastrous.

1. You know by now that the virus here is fast mutating one. Over the last year the virus have created new variants.

2. The more people it gets the more variations it produce as it gets more chance to change.

3. The more variations it gets the more variants such as the , , etc can be produced.

4. There is no saying which of this can spread faster or kill faster.

5. Even worse. Which of these variations can escape the existing vaccines.

6. If such a variant arises it will very efficiently infect even the vaccinated people starting the entire chain again.

7. It WILL again take months of research work, testing and approvals for the new vaccines for the new mutation to emerge.

8. By then we would all have to sit through more restrictions, lockdowns and economic fall. However, above all .. more lives lost.

9. This means that even if a country manages to vaccinate 95% of the population. The remaining 5% pose a grave threat to all the efforts.

10. A grave threat to not just the country but the entire world. Further there exist a threat of a even vicious virus forming.

11. So imagine a country such as at this point deciding to make the Vaccine a market driven adoption.

12. It will mean a huge number of people will not actually end up taking the vaccine. There exist a reason for it.

13. Unlike popular belief people are not all aware or educated about the use and purpose of vaccination.

14. Even when educated people today seem to be deluded about vaccines and their effects we need to admit there exist who dont believe in it.

15. Now consider the most vulnerable of the Indian population. Unaware, untrained and lost in their day to day struggles.

16. These people will struggle with even understanding why they need to get the vaccine. Not to mention some silent AntiVax campaigns.

17. Add to these the people who will not get one because they could not afford to get a jab because a free one was not available close enough and easy.

18. Add to those who will be missed out out of sheer lack of proper communication.

19. Forcing the states to purchase Vaccines by themselves will by default make it a decision of the company.

20. As they make their decisions without any publicly auditable policy in allocating stocks many states will be left out or delayed.

21. This means that states will not be able to coordinate vaccination effectively and hence can't predict the vaccination rate.

22. This breaks a fundamental rule of disaster management by making it difficult to predict vaccination and pandemic behavior and rate.

23. While the market plays out the game with no central coordination even more variations and spreads emerge.

24. These variants can from emerge from any one and any place. Restarting the entire chain of events that lead us here. Again.

25. Vaccination to work effectively it needs to be carried out in a , , and manner.

26. Which means the govt. monitoring the pandemic and identifying target groups and areas quickly and vaccinating them fast.


27. When it is left to the people to choose, buy and vaccinate at random it fails a scientific plan.

28. For example govt could identify a hotspot and vaccinate the surrounding fast enough to help contain it.

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29. This can't work in a market driven model UNLESS... A Big UNLESS.

30. UNLESS there is more than enough vaccine for the govt to carry out a planned and fast model even while the market model runs.

31. That however does not seem to be the situation here.

32. Very evident from how even after the fastest vaccination drive we have not managed to hit 2% population and do not have vaccine left even for planned drives.

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