in , and in act as analogies of each other.

Both are taught as necessary.
Both help the privileged maintain control.
Both rely on erroneous or misinterpreted data to show false merit.

Both need to go.

Properly collected and well-analyzed data triumphs instincts; every time

is nothing but an observer obsessing over a system so much that he learns it well.

So well that he can find ways to manipulate the system, at times even rules with which the system was designed.

Important take away.

Just because some people say the curve is flat the curve will not become flat.

In other words the more people who understand and use maths, the fewer people you can fool.

Getting very close to a demonstrable state for #ImmersSpace - a federated social #VR metaverse framework using #ActivityPub & #MozillaHubs

I remember asking while at why we can't give , housing, and other essential things free to people.

I was told they would all go lazy, and with limited resources the rest will have to take the burden for the slackers.

I never accepted this answer.

Today I know for a fact that people should work not for the fear of going hungry but to satisfy their curiosity and love for doing things. There would be more people doing and and less doing the bidding for the rulers.

The glorification of nonapplication of mind is the first thing societies should unlearn to progress.

It serves us to remember that the greatest atrocities were not executed by the anarchists but by honorable men who were just carrying out orders.

The greatest evil some people pull is to teach you that you do not deserve anything more, that what they give you itself is too much, and that you will be lost without them.

Beware of them, walk from them stay as far as you can from them. For they do not seek an equal but a slave.

The refusal to answer questions is seen by two entities-

1. Religion
2. Politics

This makes them power-hungry as that is the only way such irresponsibility and ignorance can survive.

Millions of baby turtles just made their way out to sea after hatching on this Indian beach 🐢



In science, no one is allowed to run away from answering questions. No scientist is allowed to make a claim and then refuse to justify themselves, nor to shift that responsibility onto someone else.

In systems of faith, it is the norm.

The minimum requirement to start fixing a problem is to understand the problem. To attempt to fix it without that is to create new ones and extend the existing one.

The thing about people who have been pushing false ideas, fake solutions and self-serving nonsense is that - in the face of real challenges they render themselves obsolete. It does not matter the firepower they have as unless the solution is sound, everything collapses.

Cancel culture: a word coined by narcissists who can't handle people walking out on them.

It's not your job to fix people, it's not your job to suffer through having to stand with things you are against. Walking away could be the greatest justice to self and the most profound way of protest.

No person, no flag, no organization deserves unaltered loyalty. Loyalty for the sake of loyalty is the motto of a cult.

85. Time is the perception created from receiving information.

86. Subnets linked to denser subnet receive denser data and hence experience faster time.

87. Subnets linked to sparser subnets receive sparser data and hence experience slower time.

82. Subnets search for shorter paths between nearby subnets.

83. Subnets prefer shorter routes to subnets with more information density.

84. Shorter the routes between subnets, denser the combined network density.

It is almost comical to see how people propagating classism and elitism realize in a shocking moment of truth that they were neither elite not considered part of the class by the bigger classicists and elitists.

actively records the history and predicts the future. It will get criticized if it drags in outdated concepts that society has rejected.

This is the reason that sexism, patriarchy, racism, and castism is no longer accepted within art.

By changing art we change the .

Well. You guys can wish, cry, and feel lost all you want. Patriarchy, sexism, and the nonsense that comes along with it is on the way out. There will be no saving it. Its time is done. Done. Done. Done.

Entities that spread lies continue to push more and more over time, in a false sense of confidence until a breakpoint, where the entity heavily overestimates their charisma to decimate it, causing an avalanche effect of others detecting the deceit.

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