Be happy when you fail and fall in your and . Its better to realize how not to tie the harness by falling from 5fts than from 100fts. The difference may actually save lives.

The COVID19 pandemic offset years of hard work and effort by the almighty anti-vax community. The amount of gitches in their reality would now look like an acid trip. 😂

Every fight for is a fight to make sure love itself survives into the future. There can stand no violation of this principle. :)

The photon, in other words, has definite reality at the beginning and end. But its state in the middle — the dragon’s body — is nebulous. “What the dragon does or looks like in between we have no right to speak.”

Coders use a lot of tools that help them along, the actually mandates it. However building GUI can take too much time.

A very serious problem that can cause a lot of critical failures can have a solution that you could patch up. :p

With no real problems to solve a specie tends to find illusional ones, with a consensus of real problems one can create future.

It matters we have better way of funding and supporting scientific research.

How Our Brutal Science System Almost Cost Us A Pioneer Of mRNA Vaccines

I had recently found a guide to writing a text editor. This is another nice find.

If anyone is looking for a proper C alternative is not it. golang is to in the right sense than C. A real C alternative would be -

This model can help even small teams communicate much better on any project or activity.

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